By rail from Moscow. The railroad has served Lebedyan since 1892 when the line to Yelets and Moscow was connected. Travelling from Moscow there is a night train departing from Paveletsky Rail Road Station for Lipetsk City every evening. Unfortunately the usual communal sleeper train via Yelets that could take you directly to Lebedyan was cancelled in December 2010. So if you choose a comfortable wagon to Lipetsk (regional capital, arrival at 7.20), you will need to take a taxi across town to the bus station to catch the bus to Lebedyan (approx 1 hour travelling time). Lipetsk City is not a big place. Taxi travel is inexpensive.

By bus from MoscowFor those who like buses and don’t mind a 400 km bus trip, tickets can be purchased from the van outside the Paveletsky Rail Road Station. Purchase a ticket to Lebedyan.
Public transportation in Lebedyan is well developed. To get from the railway station and the bus station which are in the same building on the left bank of the Don River, you can take a bus or go by taxi. The town is on the right bank of the river. Both options are inexpensive and will get you to any part of the town very quickly. The town does not cover a large area and is easily covered on foot.
Leaving Lebedyan by either mode of transport is straight forward.

By car. The M4 federal highway (Moscow – Rostov) will take you almost straight to Lebedyan. Just don’t forget to turn left at Stanovoe (Lipetsk district centre). From there it’s approximately a 70 km easy drive on a well maintained and empty road passing fields and villages on the way to Lebedyan.

Getting around. The town centre and historical buildings are easily reached on foot. For travel to outlying villages, travel by private car or by bicycle is suggested. Note there are no car or bicyle rental companies currently operating in Lebedyan.