In Lebedyan today it’s still possible to walk along its streets and enjoy yourself in the same way as those famous Russians did before you. There are of course a couple of «must see» places. The first stop we recommend is the town historical museum with its comprehensive information about Lebedyan and its history. The permanent exhibition there will help you understand how people lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, how Lebedyan grew and what it was famous for. There you can find out about major events in local history and about current and planned activities. There is a room set aside for current exhibitions and from time to time out internet site also hosts photo exhibitions.

Art and painting fans are well advised to check out the Art & Crafts House where local artists’ works are exhibited and available for purchase as a memory of your visit to Lebedyan. The Art & Crafts House is located at the corner of Sovetskaya and Pobedy streets.

Not far from the town’s centre heading north along the main street you will find a picturesque setting from the 17th century, the St. Trinity Monastery. Three old churches and several service houses are surrounded by a high brick wall giving the monastery grounds the appearance of being within the walls of an ancient fortress. Many legends have been  attributed to the monastery making it popular among pilgrims and parishioners who contributed to its beauty and prosperity. In 1929 the monastery was closed by Bolsheviks and partially destroyed. Today the monastery is once again an active place of worship and a functioning monastery with restoration currently under way. An increasing number of parishoners come for regular services and to view the very old buildings.